Trapeze house where you can ‘swing like Tarzan’ lists for $1.2M

If you’re itching to swing on a rope to get from one end of a home to another, this might be the listing for you.

A three-bedroom, three-bathroom California home, which is built entirely of timber, has been pegged as an entertainer’s dream.

“Rope swing from one room to another,” the listing says. “Walk the bridges to your master suite or guest bedroom.”

Nestled in the hills of Lakeport, next to Clear Lake and a couple of hours from Sacramento, the residence — which resembles a scene out of a Disney film — boasts an open floor plan with second-floor balconies.

Spanning more than 3,700 square feet, the jungle-themed home features a den and a bar with 36-foot-high ceilings and heated concrete flooring.

“These timbers are a thing of the past and create an atmosphere unmatched by any other,” the listing says.

The house spans over 3,400 square feet.
The house spans more than 3,700 square feet.
Kennedy News/City Center Realty
The property features 36 feet ceilings.
The property features 36-foot ceilings.
Kennedy News/City Center Realty
There is an actual tight rope on the second floor that allows you to swing from one bedroom to another.
There is a Tarzan-like rope on the second floor that allows you to swing from one bedroom to another.
Kennedy News/City Center Realty
The grand living room.
The grand living room.
Kennedy News/City Center Realty

Situated on nearly 4 acres of land, other amenities include a pool, a stage fit for a rock band and a gas fire pit.

The home additionally comes with a built-in giant wooden elephant standing behind the living area’s sofa, adding to the overall flair.

Initially asking $1.9 million since October 2020, the home has since seen a $700,000 price cut. Although it is having difficulty finding a buyer, it still remains the most expensive home in Lakeport — where average homes run $375,000 according to

A carved elephant is planted in the living area.
A carved elephant is planted in the living area.
Kennedy News/City Center Realty
One of three bedrooms with a balcony.
One of three bedrooms with a balcony that you can swing from.
Kennedy News/City Center Realty
The interior bridge.
The interior bridge on the second floor leading to the bedrooms.
Kennedy News/City Center Realty

Colleen Henninger with City Center Realty who holds the listing told the Daily Mirror that the majority of those who stopped by simply wanted to check out the wild property and don’t really have any intention of buying it.

“We’ve had a lot of interest, but that’s usually people that want to see the house and not necessarily buy it. There’s a lot of intrigue,” Henniger said.

Facebook users were quick to label it a “jungle gym for adults” and “like an awesome treehouse.”

“All I can think about is how magnificent Carol Burnett’s Tarzan yell would sound in here,” one person said.

“To me it looks like a Disney ride somehow — I kind of love it,” another user wrote.

The indoor bar.
The indoor Tiki bar.
Kennedy News/City Center Realty
The entertainment pool.
The pool.
Kennedy News/City Center Realty
Another bedroom.
The primary suite with a hot tub.
Kennedy News/City Center Realty

“It’s a great house. It’s like Disney World,” added Henniger, who is also a friend of the owners.

“You can swing from the rock to the stage and adults could even climb up the rope and swing across the second floor, but I wouldn’t recommend that for the kids,” Henniger said. “My kids used to swing from that rope from one of the rocks to the dining room table. They loved it and the homeowner’s kids loved it too.

“It’s a unique home and it’s going to need a unique buyer. You go in and you either love it or hate it. It needs someone who wants to entertain their guests and have fun.”

Meanwhile, the owner has been renting the home over the summer as an Airbnb for $730 per night.

“It was built with fun in mind. If I could afford it I’d buy it,” Henniger added.

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