RH Guesthouse opens boutique 10-room luxury hotel in Manhattan

This boutique lodge is trying to win the battle of being the most luxurious concept of them all. 

RH, formerly Restoration Hardware, has opened an opulent resort in NYC aimed at offering the most decadent decadence that money can buy. 

The “first-of-its-kind hospitality experience” at 55 Gansevoort St. features just six guest rooms and three guest suites — plus RH chairman and CEO Gary Friedman’s private 2,600-square-foot penthouse residence, which is set to be sporadically available for booking by the public.

Named RH Guesthouse, the hotel offers “an integration of services, surfaces and spaces designed to erase the chaos of the outside world” and transport people from Meatpacking to an uber-exclusive fortress of solitude and expensive things. 

Looking to venture beyond your hotel room (each of which contains two full bathrooms, a freshly stocked gourmet pantry and an in-room gym)? The 32-seat Champagne & Caviar will soon open within the building and begin offering a curated list of “some of the world’s finest champagnes” and Petrossian caviar.  

rh guesthouse meatpacking opens
A rooftop infinity pool, one of many opulent amenities.
Courtesy of RH
rh guesthouse meatpacking opens
The lodging has only 10 guestrooms total.
Courtesy of RH
rh guesthouse meatpacking opens
The boutique hotel’s street entrance.
Courtesy of RH
rh guesthouse meatpacking opens
The new RH Guesthouse New York at 55 Gansevoort St. in the Meatpacking District.
Courtesy of RH
The interiors don't shy from glam.
The interiors don’t shy from glam.
Courtesy of RH

Or perhaps you’d like to take in the rooftop garden, pool and dining terrace: “an architectural oasis of sculpted hedges and London plane trees surrounding a 40-foot mosaic infinity pool.” 

Trying to stay on brand while journeying beyond the Guesthouse? The RH New York Gallery is just steps away. 

“The RH Guesthouse has been designed through a lens of privacy and luxury,” Friedman said in a press release. “We believe privacy is going to become a large and important market, and the RH Guesthouse has an opportunity to define that new market with an unseen-before level of design, quality and hospitality.” 

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